Wheaton Weekend

The only problem with Nava is that one feels compelled to eat everything on the table, sometimes to one’s subsequent detriment. I won’t say regret — Nava is never to be regretted — but I could have done without those final bits of crispy duck kaprow.  At least they took away the plate that originally contained crispy pork with string beans before I could lick up what was left of the sauce, which would have been gauche but worth it. The spicy duck appetizer was also in fine form, layers of lemongrass, cilantro, and duck filtering through the quite spicy but not overwhelming sauce. Perfect balance.

Afterward, we waddled around Wheaton for a while:

  • Still no new tenant in the former Ferdinand’s space;
  • El Boqueron is under “new management” — I never knew the old managment, EB is one of the few Wheaton restaurants I still haven’t tried outside of Taste of Wheaton (where I liked their food fine, I do need to eat there someday);
  • Peeked through Limerick Pub‘s windows, saw lots of ladders and cut wood and exposed pipes/wires and piles of things, I think they’re making progress but still a bit off from opening, they’ve always said they plan to open this month but I will be (happily) surprised if they open before the end of 2010;
  • Caramelo Bakery smells really good inside, it’s almost overwhelming, wanting one of everything;
  • Dunkin’ Donuts is never completely empty.

3 responses to “Wheaton Weekend

  1. Have you been to the Royal Mile lately? They have a sign posted that they are no longer open on Mondays. I hope this isn’t a sign of decline, though I don’t see how they can be hurting for business since half the time when I go there I can’t get a table. Hopefully Limerick’s opening won’t hurt them.

  2. I was at RM a few weeks ago (for lunch but at an off-hour, pretty empty). Lots of restaurants are closed Mondays, just not many people eating out that night, so not necessarily a bad sign, just may mean they’re getting more ruthlessly efficient, which they should be in this economy. Costs too much in HVAC, electric and wages to stay open when not many customers come in. I agree, seems like later in the week and certainly on weekends they do a great business. Time will tell, of course, but I expect RM/Limerick to help each other out, creating kind of a pub critical mass.

  3. I’m a pretty big fan of El Boqueron, but haven’t been under the new management. The old management was fine – maybe a little laid back, but no real complaints. Have probably been there 5-6 times over the past few years and my meal has always been the same. An order of mixed pupusas to start and the El Pollo Boqueron – a chicken in cream sauce with fresh vegetables (usually carrots and zucchini) and a Negra Modelo (or two…) to wash it down.
    Admittedly, part of the lack of spontaneity is due to my concern that other items on the menu – seafood, in particular – aren’t likely all that fresh, given the general lack of other customers when I’ve been in there. But mainly it’s because my old standbys have been consistently delicious every time.

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