Video Game Food

I stumbled across this long discussion of Pac-Man ghost behavior, which is entry-level compared to the Pac-Man Dossier, clearly created by someone with great brilliance and far too much time on his hands.  Pac-Man enjoyed a varied diet including fruit, dots, ghosts…and sometimes, ghosts ate Pac-Man. So sad. But it got me thinking about other video game food, and naturally the internets have thought of this already, e.g. here and here.  I fondly remember playing BurgerTime on the family Apple IIe, and maybe at the Shoreline SpacePort arcade (ahh, those were the days).  BurgerTime now available here — so much for getting anything else done today.  For me, Food Fight was less memorable. I think there are more modern games for the Wii and Xbox and whatnot, but I’ll stick with P-M (and Ms. P-M, the only vid game I was ever actually good at) and BT.

There’s also a lot out there on ghosts and food, Pac-Man aside.  Like, the Hungry Ghost (who has his own festival).  Gus the Friendly Ghost made all kinds of cheesy snacks (I especially liked the popovers).  You may not want to eat the ghost pepper.

And there’s these cute little guys, who you may want to eat (or hug), from 101 Cookbooks:

cute and spooky


One response to “Video Game Food

  1. Showing me that link to 1980 Games will most likely cost me my job. My eyes lit up like a kid on Chirstmas when I started looking over the site.

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