Something Seems Different…

New trendy style, same questionable substance.  Changes should be self-explanatory.  I love the new banner photo, it is quintessential Wheaton right down to the half-not-working neon.  Thanks for the great photo(s), P!


7 responses to “Something Seems Different…

  1. Congrats on the facelift – very 2011! However the new site made me notice that “British” isn’t one of your categories in the right hand panel. Although once openly mocked by Americans, British food is now seen as exotic and cutting-edge by the culinary world. Surely there’s a place in this blog for such an important ethnic cuisine?

  2. There is a great line in one of the Adrian Mole books where he complains about the school cafeteria’s toad-in-the-hole as being “all hole and no toad”.

    As soon as a British restaurant opens in Wheaton, I will review it. A British pub would be great to go with the Scottish and Irish pubs, and hey looky, there’s space available where Ferdinand’s used to be!

  3. Um, not to quibble, but Great Britain is the entire island on which England, Scotland, and Wales sit. The Kingdom of Great Britain was formed upon the union of England and Scotland in 1707. Hence, all Scottish food is “British” but not all British food is Scottish, dig?

    The point of this is I am now craving Welsh Rarebit…

  4. So true, Wheatoner! I should have said English pub. And I’m sure Steve stands corrected. 🙂 Mmmm, rarebit…

  5. LOVE the new look. Good job on the facelift! I started playing around with my sidebar info last night, but nothing as drastic as this. I really love the photo.

  6. I can’t believe I’m getting schooled on British geography! But for some reason I was thinking Againn had been featured sometime in the past, hence I was wondering “where’s the British tag”.

  7. They’ve been mentioned, I wouldn’t say featured; I tagged Againn as Irish and Pubs, which I suppose was lazy of me but I’m not sure I care. I’ve only been to the DC one for happy hour. Maybe we will hit the Rockville edition someday, but I’d much rather go to Matchbox. Or Joe’s Noodle House.

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