Tuesday Woomi Matchbox Bitts

Wheaton Calling visits the Triangle and Little Bitts, yet another Wheaton food destination to which I have never been (in this case, baking supplies is really Mrs. Me’s department). Makes me think of this Alan Jackson classic.

Crash in the Kitchen goes to the new Rockville outpost of Matchbox.  Crash is psyched and so are we. And it’s a cliche by now but I still always think of REM.

What’s Up Wheaton recently hit Pashion and lived to tell the tale.  Unfortunate misspellings always lead me back to these guys.

Wheaton Patch eats Korean at Woomi Garden, which makes me think of nothing, really, other than our own recent visit to Woomi — review coming soon.


2 responses to “Tuesday Woomi Matchbox Bitts

  1. So psyched, in fact, that I went back last night for dinner! Haha… I think I have a problem.

  2. Tasty problem to have, as problems go. Rockville is starting to hit the restaurant big time…

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