Year-End 2010 Lime Index

Not a good holiday season for local lime purchasing, as prices have stabilized at approximately three for $1, from Giant to Safeway to (gasp) H-Mart.  Quality is solid but not perfect, big and green but could be juicier.

Lime futures are rising, with better pricing forecast for spring…


3 responses to “Year-End 2010 Lime Index

  1. How about an end of year oyster index? Has anyone spotted any good ones in the area for the new years celebration? Whole foods is usually my go to in this department as it usually carries 4-5 different types this time a year but there must be somewhere else, hopefully somewhere more Wheaton centric too.

  2. Anyone? Bueller? I’m not a big oyster guy, though I do enjoy them once in a while. I doubt Wheaton has a good source (any source? H Mart must have them?) for oysters, but I’d gladly be proven wrong.

  3. Well if anyone else is interested, whole foods in SS says they have Blue Points, Choptank Sweets, Chincoteague, and Chesapeakes. All $99 each. Sounds much like their usual selection minus the Wellfleets.

    Hmart will occasionally have oysters, but they are more like the kind you might throw in stuffing or kimchi or something. They are as questionable as the half dead female crab bushels that all the kids play with. I’m sure they have a use, but I don’t know what.

    I once got a decent bag of mystery oysters (probably chesapeake?) from Seafood in the Buff which is across the street from hmart, but I have also been disappointed a couple times.

    Anyone know if moby dicks carry oysters? I know they served them at the taste of wheaton at least one time.

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