End-of-2010 Lists, and The Gazette Is Killing Me

New Year’s Eve Eve Eve, let’s make lists!  I have no list. I am…listless? That seems wrong.  Anyway, I will have to dissect the lists of others.

Washingtonian 2011 “100 Very Best Restaurants” list is out (but not online), with no Wheaton representation. Nava was listed in 2010 but they’re gone in 2011 along with General Store and 23 others (25% turnover!).  Jackie’s is there again to hold down the East County fort, and Nava is replaced by Germantown’s Sabai Sabai Simply Thai — will have to make the trek soon to compare for myself.

Sabai Sabai (specifically the “basil pork crisp” — would kaprow by any other name taste as sweet?) also makes Bernice August’s “favorite things” of 2010 MoCo dining list in this week’s Gazette, which also gives props to New Kam Fong and its “Longan, peas, shrimp and scallop”…and that’s it for Wheaton.  And she notes Silver Spring’s Flippin’ Pizza and that’s it for East County; everything else is Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Rockville or Germantown, pretty much.  Really?

More Gazette, the annual openings/closing list: the only listed Wheaton “opening” is Limerick Pub, a bit premature since their opening date has been delayed to January 21, 2011. Meanwhile, no listed Wheaton closings despite the recent demise of Suporn Thai and the earlier demise of DeJaBel Cafe.  Oopsie!

While I’m complaining about the Gazette, I will add that despite a recent website revamp they still make it difficult-to-impossible to find the local dining column each week.  This week’s article wasn’t even online at all last night, despite the hard copy having already been delivered.  Bad Gazette! No biscuit.

I was going to stop complaining (New Year’s resolution: less complaining? Nah) right there, but I can’t resist one more. The Gazette also did a recent (last week), short and one-sided story on a new state comptroller report that may — when Annapolis Honolulu freezes over — lead to direct wine shipping in Maryland (which I favor), but the new report won’t change the fact that every year the legislation gets bottled up in committee.  Maybe the legislature will move it this year, but I will not hold my breath.  Also, Gazette, in addition to finding someone from, say, the wine distributors to give an opposing quote (not to mention someone from the comptroller’s office), you could take advantage of the inherent qualities of the internets and actually link directly to the report. You could! Really. Like this.


One response to “End-of-2010 Lists, and The Gazette Is Killing Me

  1. In terms of the Silver Spring scene, 2010 witnessed the openings of 8407, arguably the most welcome addition to the MoCo dining scene in a while, Pacci’s Pizza (also welcome), and Fire Station One (we haven’t been yet so I’m trying to keep an open mind).
    In the category of closings; Nicaro finally closed after being on life support ever since Chef Matamoros left, and The Red Dog Cafe also changed hands and name (The Daily Dish). I know there were certainly other openings and closings in town, including Nando’s Peri Peri, Mr. Chicken, and Flippin’ Pizza (who seem unable to pick up their flippin’ phone!), but these were the ones that drew the most attention.
    The whole issue of direct wine sales in Maryland seems to have a long history of various promising initiatives that end up dying in legislative committees. Like you, I won’t hold my breath on this one.

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