Merzi Merzi Me

Merzi means “choice” but, if you say it through your nose while shrugging, it means “thank you” and I have to say merci, Merzi, for bringing fresh, reasonably high quality assembly-line (“fast casual” as they say in the restaurant biz) Indian food to the masses.  At least, the Gallery Place masses; my only problem with the place is that it isn’t a few blocks closer to my Metro Center workplace.  If only there were a ferry across to Merzi…


For $8 you get a choice of starch (naan or rice) or salad, plus a choice of meats (including shrimp) and/or legumes and/or veggies, and a selection of chutneys and hot sauces.  All the toppings make the naan hard to eat, and I will probably get rice instead next time, but it’s good naan (also sold separately). All told, quite a bit of food, and it has the added bonus of being good: shredded lamb is tender and flavorful; the “warm” sauce is actually hot!  Maybe not streets-of-Goa hot, but hot enough.  Will it make you sweat? Yeah!

Samosa and Lamby Naan

Have Merzi

Even better, the plump, potato-and-pea-filled samosas are excellent, a great deal at $1.49 apiece. Little fried potato tikka cakes aren’t as exciting but a decent snack at 99 cents. Overall, among the best quick service lunch options downtown, along with Five Guys and (if you get lucky) a food cart. Greatest Indian food ever? Hardly.  But, a good lunch deal at this price and quantity and speed. I was in and out in like two minutes. Merzi is the place Naan and Beyond only dreams of being.


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  1. This review was very cleverly written. Impressive!

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