The burgers made us go yummm, the ambience made us go hmmmm.  In Rockville’s King Farm, that’s probably as good as it gets, and overall a win.

Yumburgers (800 Pleasant Drive) website suggests a hey-kids-let’s-put-on-a-show, dive-with-gumption kind of local quick service spot, but the actual space could be a (tiny) hotel lobby, with clean, classy but basic decor and furniture and a neat, well-stocked small bar (six seats?) but no actual atmosphere. I was taken aback by the sterility, and also by the relative formality of it all; I had assumed (again based on the website) it would be a more casual, maybe slightly-grungy-on-purpose Five Guys, BGR kind of place.

But if that’s the only real complaint — and it isn’t even a complaint — then they should be in great shape, because we liked the food. Yumburgers has some fine-sounding chicken, dawgs and salads, but there was never any doubt we were ordering burgers. We were not asked how we wanted them cooked; they came out a shade rarer than medium. And that turned out fine: juicy, beefy, superflavorful, with one of the best buns I’ve had (didn’t ask where the buns came from) and a perfect bun-to-burger ratio. Mine came with bacon and cheese, both good but nothing extraordinary. Overall a tasty burger, and a decent deal, though not a steal, at $10 with fries (solid) and coleslaw (meh).

Another customer, also eating a burger, noted that the beef seemed much better than on his previous visit, and the server said they recently changed the type (and possibly grind) of meat, evidently for the better.  Yumburger has only been open a couple of months, and they seem to have hit their stride. Customer service seems very good. If we lived in King Farm, we would be psyched.  I mean, we would probably be depressed, but eating every few days at Yumburger would help.


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