That’s a Falafelly Odd Video, Ms. Clark

A couple of Wheatony notes from today’s Washingtonian restaurant chat. First, Todd Kliman rates Max’s Kosher Cafe falafel at #5 in his top ten sandwich list. Max’s is good in general (though closed Saturdays, my primary eatin’-in-Wheaton day) and their falafel is indeed a fine sandwich, but not sure I’d rate it ahead of Marchone’s Italian, Saigonese’s banh mi, or even Caramelo’s pollo Milanese as noted here recently.  It’s in the ballpark at least, and nice to see Max’s get some greater DC press.

The chat also discussed (Forest Glen, close enough to Wheaton) General Store owner/chef Gillian Clark’s YouTube channel where she is posting “re-enactments” mocking her customers’ behavior. The question, Kliman’s answer, and most of the comments both on YouTube and at the related DCist post are generally (but mostly mildly) condemning of Clark, but more because the videos are boring than they are offensive. Complaining about customer service at Clark’s current and former restaurants is kind of a popular local pastime and I’m sure she is enjoying a little payback, though she may enjoy it less if she starts losing business as a result.

I’ve had nothing but friendly service at the General Store, and the food is mostly very good; I’m not offended by the videos but I question why Clark has made them public rather than just distributing to her friends.  She’s certainly no Spielberg and I hope she’ll stick to her day job; assuming she does, I look forward to my next round of fried chicken and lemon chess pie.


2 responses to “That’s a Falafelly Odd Video, Ms. Clark

  1. I don’t find the videos offensive but I do find them tasteless and unfunny. It definitely makes me less interested in going back there and dealing with either of the owners. We all have issues with our clients at times but making them public shows bad judgement and a bad attitude.

  2. I haven’t seen the videos but you have peaked my curiosity. I’ve had terrible service at the General Store and no longer go there. Sadly; since its so close and I had such high hopes…

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