Chicken Out

Another rotisserie chicken source, woohoo. The excitement is palpable. Chicken Out (hq in Rockville, with 12 DC-area locations) is average, fine if you’re nearby and craving chicken but not worth seeking out, in nearly every way — chicken, mashed potatoes, caesar salad, all good but nothing special.  But the potato salad, for some reason, is superb, and simple too: mostly just potatoes and egg, a little mayo, salt, pepper, a few scallion bits.  Could the secret ingredient be celery seed?  Cook’s Illustrated has established the subtle importance of celery seed to awesome potato salad. In any case, I wish our local supermarkets had potato salad this good.


3 responses to “Chicken Out

  1. Having not had the potato salad, but having sampled most everything else on the menu, all I can say is bland, bland, bland.

  2. Thanks Jim. I wouldn’t call our chicken bland, the skin was actually pretty good, but the mashed potatoes were bland.

  3. From the NYT 4/10/10 p.A1

    But at a hearing that year, Bill K. Caylor, then president of the Kentucky Coal Association, accused the government of reacting hysterically to the accidents.
    “Did you know that 750 people die each year in the U.S. from eating bad or ruined potato salad?” he told federal regulators. “Do you think we could get some new laws put on the books to control these deaths?”

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