All Mostly Quiet On The Eating Front

And we’re back. With not much to report. Thanks to busy schedules and, especially, weather that has been kind of different yet equally disruptive as last winter’s storms, there has not been much eating out around here.  But that is about to change, oh yes…

We did get takeout from Angelico la Pizzeria (4925 Bethesda Ave.) the other night, enough pizza and salad to feed us and several sets of power-free friends.  Thanks, Pepco, for giving us an excuse to spend time together!  That’s the silver lining, that and our power staying mostly on this time. I would say Angelico is slightly above average, thin crust, good variety of toppings and non-pizza options, and while it isn’t Ella’s or Paradiso (just to name two), it is tasty and travels well, and beats both the big national chains and all our nearby Wheaton/Kensington pizza options easily, so was ideal for takeout.

Angelico was also much more convenient on this particular occasion than Pacci’s or Roscoe’s, but we need to try both of those soon. And now that Wheaton has nearly reached critical Irish/Scottish pub mass (though, once again, the opening date for Limerick may be pushed back even farther than the most recent Feb. 4 date, says their cryptic, most recent FB post), maybe it is time for a great pizza (or fast-casual burger) place to open here.  Or maybe not! But that’s what we root for in this house.


6 responses to “All Mostly Quiet On The Eating Front

  1. There once was a pub in Wheaton
    Whose opening took like an eon.
    When they asked MoCo why,
    They replied with a sigh,
    “We didn’t realize your pub would have drinkin’.”

  2. How is pizza delivery in the snow? Did places have trouble getting through?
    Was power lost in local restaurants for significant time?

  3. Ohhhh Steve.

    Pizza delivery was good, Mrs. Me brought it from Bethesda, a much better afternoon commute on Friday than it had been on Wednesday. I think I forgot to tip her. Oh well. Lots of power out, I’m sure some restaurants got hit too. Most everyone (but not everyone) has power back now.

  4. I don’t know anything about the restaurant or if it will meet your criteria, but Wheaton Patch says that Elevation Burger has signed a lease at the mall.

  5. We definitely liked Pacci’s and would go back again without hesitation. Very much enjoyed the atmosphere & service, and they have a little courtyard for outdoor seating in nice weather. Sadly, I don’t remember which pizzas we got… anyways, a great alternative to battling 2 Amy’s waits (and drive)!!

  6. Oooh, I missed that in Patch, thanks — yes, Elevation Burger meets my criteria, I haven’t been but have heard very good things.

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