February Food Ramblings

I’m a rambling man

  • Wheaton got a shout-out in this morning’s Todd Kliman Washingtonian chat as #4 on the Top 5 Neighborhoods for Eating.  In response to a question about how he chose the five hoods, he responded in part: “These are the neighborhoods I think are the most exciting places to spend time in as a food lover right now. I was weighing things like variety, and density, as well as the quality of the restaurants that make up those areas.” Too true! Value/affordability is also excellent here. Of course I would have ranked Wheaton even higher, but I’m biased.
  • City Paper aggregates some news on the annual Maryland legislation (this year: House Bill 234 and Senate Bill 238, both available here) that would allow us to buy wine direct from out-of-state sources.  The bill never makes it out of committee, will this year be different? I have no problem if they limit it to ordering from wineries, continuing a ban on ordering from third parties. I just want to get a case of wine direct from my favorite California or Washington wineries from time to time.
  • Food & Wine picks the 25 Best Burgers in the U.S. — an admirable pursuit — and Ray’s Hell Burger (where I have still not been) and Palena (where I haven’t been since the remodel but I bet the burger still rules) both made the list.  Other listed burgers I have eaten: Zuni Cafe (San Francisco), In-N-Out (lots of places but alas not greater DC), and Shake Shack (NYC but coming soon to Dupont!), all deserving.
  • Meanwhile, I am getting cabin fever, it seems like we have had six months of winter and it ain’t over yet. Tomorrow comes the groundhog — hope that Tucson restaurant doesn’t get hold of ol’ Phil, those guys will cook anything.   He might be an upgrade for the folks at Taco Bell too. 36% ground beef, 64% ground groundhog?  Poor woodchuck better just stay holed up for at least six more weeks.
  • Clara Peller may as well have been talking about Taco Bell:

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