Maryland Virginia Florida Ireland

One of those things is not like the others?  We are back from nearly a week in the temperate climes of central Florida, with a slew of pithy road-trip-food reviews pending.

Still waiting for an official, final, written-in-stone (and not blarney stone either) opening date for Limerick.

Meanwhile, Tyler Cowen has a succinct, interesting post on his view of the differences between Maryland and Virginia. Despite my bias toward Md., I actually think Tyler is wrong that Bethesda is better integrated into DC than any part of Va. — much easier to get downtown from Arlington, I think. Or maybe he didn’t just mean logistic integration.  On the other hand, I think MoCo’s schools overall are at least as good as NoVa’s, and while Tyler may be right about Virginia’s highway ramp superiority, he fails to note that Maryland’s roadway signage is much better (i.e., Virginia’s is astoundingly poor).

Oh yeah, he has a short paragraph on food too, and I guess I would agree with most of it, though I think his “results” may be skewed simply because Virginia has  more restaurants; I don’t think they have a higher percentage of good restaurants, and Maryland is at least a match in terms of value.  Also, I think a few spots in Silver Spring would disagree that only Bethesda features “fine dining” in Maryland (not to mention Frederick or Baltimore, but the post doesn’t really intend to go so far afield from greater DC, I think) (and if you think Jackie’s or 8407 don’t qualify as “fine” I might agree — but then neither does anyplace in Bethesda I can think of).  Anyway, worth a quick read.

Someday there will be Wheaton eatin’ again, but first I have to digest all the gators.*

*not literally


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