Minority Majority in “Wheaton”

WaPo has a Metro section page one article today on demographic shifts in Wheaton, but their definition of Wheaton seems awfully broad. We had a discussion a year or so ago about whether anything north of Arcola could properly count as Wheaton, but the Post article’s map of “Wheaton” includes only neighborhoods north of Arcola (north of the Connecticut-Judson intersection, really).  I suppose maybe this all falls under some official Wheaton boundary as defined by MoCo or the state, but I don’t think it is what most of us think of as Wheaton proper.

Nonetheless, Brigid Schulte’s article is interesting and worth reading, and I expect the general demographics are accurate. The article mentions no restaurants, just La Salvadorenita grocery (which is in downtown Wheaton), but it might well have noted the ethnic diversity (and excellent quality-to-price ratio) of our many dining establishments, which might be plurality Latino but there are so many Asian spots it is hard to say for sure. And with the recently opened Pashion and perpetually coming soon Limerick Pub (in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we can hope?) (updated website!), it’s also hard to say what direction our restaurants are trending.


4 responses to “Minority Majority in “Wheaton”

  1. thats where wheaton high school is.. its definatly wheaton by all standards in fact most if not all people call that wheaton.

  2. Thanks for the comment, good point. I still think the article could have been more clear that it was focused on the northern half of greater Wheaton, pretty much ignoring downtown and the neighborhoods around downtown — which of course are having the same kind of demographic shift, just not as profound. Will be interesting to see how the demographics shift as denser, relatively affordable housing rises at the Metro.

    • your right they did ignore the downtown area. im not really sure what you mean by affordable housing going up at metro seeing as how i thought the archstone and all that took that space up. but you probably know something i dont know. i’d just really like them to do something with glenmont, which has seen absolutely no development.

  3. I would guess Glenmont will happen eventually, as they redevelop going north. Archstone *is* affordable housing, but the looming fourteen stories of apartments in the Safeway complex across the street is going to be affordable too. Affordable being relative, of course. Also, eventually, there will be some housing where the downtown triangle currently lives, as part of mixed use redevelopment there.

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