Ollie’s Trolley

Decades-old DC landmark restaurant next to the Hotel Harrington near Metro Center, I had never been until today. Ollie’s Trolley makes a good burger but no better than Five Guys, and the fries are mushy and weak despite bold seasoning. Prices are a bit higher than 5G too, and wait time is about the same. Ollie’s wins points for garishly divey decor and more diverse menu (chicken, fish, cheesesteaks, chili), but the overall burger value isn’t there for repeat visits when Five Guys is only a block away.


4 responses to “Ollie’s Trolley

  1. Wow, Ollie’s Trolley!
    It’s like some 1970’s throwback place that you can’t help but notice, but I’ve always been too scared to go inside. A while back I thought I read that it might be closing, but obviously it’s still going strong.

  2. Ollie’s was quite busy for lunch today! Going strong indeed. Worth going once just for the experience. The interior has sort of a gauzy translucent haze all over it that is reminiscent of the original El Pollo Rico space…you know, before it burned down in a grease fire…

  3. Disagree about the fries. They are delicious. The rest of your review is spot-on though.

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