All Your Chicken Are Belong To Us

Fried chicken is one of those dishes I have more or less mastered at home (thanks Alton Brown!) but feel like it isn’t really worth the time or massive amount of oil, so I’m glad the General Store is so close and fries chicken so well. They probably wish people would order more diversely, but it’s their own fault for excelling at chicken, by far the best thing on the menu (besides pie and in addition to the collard greens). Everyone there was superfriendly on our very recent visit, dunno if they’re trying extra hard lately given recent publicity, but they have always been gracious hosts in our experience. Apparently all the publicity was at least break-even publicity, if not good publicity, because they were doing pretty brisk business on the later side of a school night.

I also ate an entire slice of lemon chess pie, and I have no regrets.

In less-local fried chicken news, this recent NYT article on Kennedy Fried Chicken is fascinating, and I wish a Kennedy franchise would open in Wheaton to compete with our KFC, not to mention El Pollo Rico and the like.  Afghan chicken versus Peruvian chicken, to the death! Kennedy is to KFC as chicken is to the other white meat.  Um…completely unrelated.  Anyway, the last line of the article is the best:

Hunched over a plate of lamb chops at his favorite Afghan restaurant in Queens, he shook his head and sighed: “You know, Afghans don’t even like eating fried chicken.”


One response to “All Your Chicken Are Belong To Us

  1. Living within sight of that restaurant, we have had plenty of opportunity. They have never been particularly good at customer service, and Karen dislikes their fried chicken. It isn’t awful, but isn’t spectacular. We can’t understand why there is any fuss. The fish tacos are fine, and the desserts are generally good. We generally don’t bother with such mediocrity given the other options in the area of Wheaton, Silver Spring, Rockville and Bethesda.

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