Open That Bottle! Plus, Gazette-o-rama

WaPo reminds us that this Saturday is Open That Bottle night, where you open (and drink!) that special bottle of wine you’ve had for ages because no event ever seems quite special enough.  We will be at an Oscar party on Saturday (yes, I know the Oscars are Sunday, my behind-the-scenes campaign to move the ceremony to a non-school night has thus far failed), I wonder what our glamorous hosts will open?

In the Wheaton Gazette today, a fun article on the “Greek Parliament” meeting at the Westfield Wheaton mall food court. Hanging out, playing cards, shooting the breeze, drinking beverages, but (as reported) not actually eating anything seems an ideal use of the mall food court.

Also in the Gazette, a review of the new Woodside Deli Rockville outpost.  Can’t go wrong with a pickle bar (though alas no fried pickles, nature’s perfect food).  We will stick to the nearby Silver Spring location, which is pretty awesome, huge-menued and mega-portioned, though quite loud.


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