Wheaton Openings: Pizza and Pubs

We have wished in the past for better pizza options in Wheaton. Little Caesars was not what we had in mind, but it’s what we got, either just opened or about to open at 2567 Ennalls, at Viers Mill across from CVS.  Their “hot-n-ready” concept does not exactly scream “quality” does it? Not sure LC is a better option, but it is an option, and I bet they’ll do decent business.

Meanwhile, the Limerick Pub is crying wolf (or maybe crying Guiness, hard to tell from here) again, with its grand opening now set for March 7 (a Monday). Sounds like it is for realz this time. Can’t wait!


6 responses to “Wheaton Openings: Pizza and Pubs

  1. I’ve said for years that as a restaurant you only do yourself a disservice announcing an opening date. Limerick Pub has been pushing back their opening date since mid December and until I’m sucking down a Guinness in there, I won’t believe any opening date.

  2. Thanks Yada, agreed. I think they underestimated how long it takes to deal with MoCo permits and approval, especially when alcohol is involved. If their FB page is any indication, the delays are only increasing the anticipation; I expect they will be swamped both opening night (assuming it actually happens this time) and the following weekend.

  3. By the way, why don’t you guys have a facebook page?

  4. Too lazy to bother, mostly. 🙂

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  6. Irfaan Lalani

    Hi everyone. I am the owner of the Little Caesars in Wheaton. Come out and try our pizza and I promise you will be impressed. We are one of the few that still make our dough and pizza sauce fresh in house everyday. Look forwarding to seeing all of you soon.

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