Dino: Still Mostly Amore

Dean Gold has cut off most of his hair and beard since we last visited Dino in Cleveland park, and the food quality may have been cut a bit as well, though it may also just be what we ordered. I have always felt Dino is underrated by Sietsema and some other professional reviewers, and by some friends too. It may not be as good as Bibiana, but it is still usually very good.

This visit I didn’t order my usual wild boar papardelle, and maybe the lesson is that I should have. Instead I tried the scottiglia, a stew of wild boar, pork, and duck; the meat was perfectly tender and it tasted good, but I felt the flavors and overall quality weren’t much different from stews I make at home (though I don’t normally have duck or wild boar lying around).  Mrs. Me’s risotto was not something I could easily recreate at home and she liked it fine, but it lacked any particular excitement. Our starters — deviled eggs and wild boar prosciutto — were similarly good but didn’t leap off the plate. On the other hand there was nary a crumb of anything left when we were done, so I guess that says something.

Service, on the other hand, which has been spotty in the past, was laudatory: while mulling options, Mrs. Me wondered aloud about the possibility of adding mushrooms to the risotto and Dean, standing nearby, overhearing, said sure, they can do that, and they did. Our server was always available yet unobtrusive, clearly explained dishes, dinner was seamless.  And the wine (this night, negroamaro and primitivo) was delicious as always.  Funny how great wine makes everything better…


One response to “Dino: Still Mostly Amore

  1. Great minds think alike! We just went there the other weekend. I too had the wild boar stew and thought it similar to the stew I’ve been making at home (minus the duck and boar, of course). Steve had the lasagna and really liked how light it was – definitely not your traditional heavy lasagna. We consider Dino a solid go-to place. Our only complaint is the overwhelming nature of the menu and the specials. It can get pretty confusing! We were relieved we’d gone on a Saturday when some of the specials didn’t apply – just so we didn’t have to think about them. Too many options!

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