Is It Open?

Aye, ‘tis. Not wall-to-wall people but lots of customers at 7 PM.  Lacks the cozy feel of Royal Mile but seems nice enough spot to watch some footie or down a pint. Great bar (in the long-piece-of-built-in-furniture sense). Looking forward to exploring the menu.  In the meantime (ahem):

There was a young laddie from Wheaton
Who wanted a good spot for meetin’;
MoCo stalled on the permits
But now they’ve come to term, it’s
A public house open for eatin’.*

* and drinkin’


2 responses to “Is It Open?

  1. Dave in Wheaton

    So, did you eat or drink anything? I’m a bit worried that you didn’t do any reviewin’ because you didn’t want to say anything unkind… Is no news bad news?

  2. Thanks for asking — no, I was not able to spend time eatin’ or drinkin’ so I just did a slow drive-by. My hopes are high for the place and I expect to partake sometime this weekend. Based on the driveby, my only concern is that it seemed too well-lit inside, but it’s hard to say for sure without going in.

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