Another Wheaton Pub?

If it happens, Elkin/Ennalls is going to be pub crawl central, if it isn’t already (by local standards) with Royal Mile and Limerick.  Just Up The Pike has the goods (and graphics) on “eagle,” still in the planning stages by SCALEhouse design and a long way from actual pubification. More images here.  “Gritty smooth” menu? Does that describe the food or the menu itself (sandpaper on one side, velvet on the other)? Hope it’s not like Gritty Kitty.


5 responses to “Another Wheaton Pub?

  1. How about someone reopens Phantasmagoria so the kids have somewhere to go and there’s a decent spot for live music?

  2. I’m assuming Wheaton is finally getting a long awaited Welsh Pub! That would complete their collection of UK pubs with a Celtic theme.

  3. Lizi, sounds good to me! But complicated: it’s been tough sledding in Silver Spring.

    Steve: I assume it will be Welsh, or Isle of Wight-themed (featuring Wight Russians?).

  4. This is great… Keep em’ coming.

  5. Haha, silly lizi, kids don’t listen to live music anymore

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