WETA Guide to MoCo feat. Wheaton Food

WETA premiered its new “Guide to Montgomery County” last night (there will be reruns) (thanks to Wheaton Calling for the tip) and, in the second half, past the ten minute pledge break, it featured a couple of minutes on Wheaton’s “uniquely American story” — and of course its ethnic restaurants:

Today Wheaton’s identity is defined by the quantity and quality of ethnic eateries that fill its commercial district.

Amen. A bunch of storefronts made the montage but three lucky places (all solid, classic Wheaton choices) were featured, with commentary led by man-about-MoCo and JUTP fave local photographer Chip Py:* Woomi Garden, El Pollo Rico, and Marchone’s, including footage of proprietor Filippo Leo carrying a six-foot Italian sub, balanced on his shoulder, out the front door. Love that.

*especially appropriate given yesterday was Pi Day. Cosine, secant, tangent, sine, 3.14159, yayyyy Tech! Speaking of tangents…

Leo also said of Wheaton, “It’s not Bethesda, it’s not Silver Spring.” True, and much more rational than the evidently delirious woman near the beginning of the program, in Bethesda, who said of Bethesda’s dining scene, “It’s like living in the center of London.”  Noooooo…it isn’t.

A list of the Wheaton restaurants I was able to pick out from the montage, in order of appearance:
Irene’s Pupusas
Global Cafe African
Wong Gee
New Kam Fong
“Parrillada Argentina” (I think this is in the Dunkin’ Donuts strip on Georgia north of Reedie? They showed only a close-up of the window)
Dusit Thai
El Pollo Rico
Brazilian Market
Max’s Kosher Cafe
Woomi Garden

(notable omissions: Nava, Ruan, Nick’s Diner, Elbe’s, any Salvadoran beyond Irene’s)


One response to “WETA Guide to MoCo feat. Wheaton Food

  1. I thought Lucia’s closed, anyway!

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