Oyamel, A Lovely Shade of Lime

In front of the bar at Oyamel (401 7th Street, DC) rests a pile of lusciously green limes, large, verdant, beckoning, so much better than any limes seen in Wheaton-area supermarkets lately.  Sometimes I go to Oyamel just to stare at the lime pyramid. They usually let me swoon for at least five minutes before I get the boot (longer if I order something).

But the limes are not the main reason to go. The main reason is that there is no better happy hour margarita than at  Oyamel — there are cheaper ones, and there are bigger ones, but there are no better ones at the price. Oyamel’s are $5 at happy hour, and they’re all tequila and lime juice (extracted by hand from the very limes noted above!), no nasty sour mix.  Good times. Nothing wrong with the food either, though it is a bit pricey. It does get loud and quite crowded in the bar area, a small price to pay.

On the way out after a recent lime-ogling, margarita-sipping visit, I noticed world-famous Oyamel chef and proprietor Jose Andres sitting in the window table, resplendent in full chefly whites (though sans toque). I somehow resisted the temptation to pop over and ask him about his lime sourcing.  Don’t think I wasn’t tempted…


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