Ramen and Ruan and ‘Rithmatic

The three R’s are lining up in the dingy little stripmall on Amherst just north of University. The new addition, Bethesda transplant Ren’s Ramen, has its shiny black sign in place above the front door; newspaper still covers the windows but I think they are close to reopening and can’t wait to visit.

Not to be outdone, Ruan Thai also has a new addition in the works: they are expanding their space to include the store between the current Ruan and the future Ren’s.  Ruan has always been such a tiny dive (with great food), it will be interesting to see how they redecorate, and if the food or service suffers at all when they have twice as many tables.

Add it up (there’s your ‘rithmatic!), that’s three R’s right there: Ruan, Ren’s, Ramen.  We get two bonus baby r’s in Brother Chinese, anchoring the strip nearest to University; Brother’s food is not in the same class as its neighbors but offers big portions at low prices and clearly there is a market for that because they’ve been around quite a while.

This will be your best-bet strip mall when you have a group of Wheatonians variously demanding Japanese, Thai, and Chinese and unwilling to compromise.


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