Wong Gee, Cantonese in Wheaton

Wong Gee (2417 University) seems to have hit its stride, we hadn’t been for a while but the flavors we previously found bland have intensified, though we still are getting the Caucasian spiciness (i.e. lack thereof) treatment. I think at WG it pays to be aggresive about wanting spicy dishes spicy.  On the other hand they are a Hong Kong/Cantonese restaurant so making you sweat isn’t really what they’re about. Still, if they label a dish as “spicy” as they do for a number of menu items, one might expect those dishes to in fact be spicy.

WG’s Singapore style chow foon is a lot like fried good dale, noodles studded with shrimp and pork shards, but with more curry, yet somehow less spicy (despite the menu “spicy” sign) than New Kam Fong’s version. Kingdom pork chop (fried pork chunks) was surprisingly tender, though not quite as flavorful as the Paul Kee version. Orange beef is one of the better renditions I’ve had, though (like the Singapore chow foon) needs more fire.  They also know their way around roasted duck, as they should.  All in all, pretty good place, up there near Paul Kee and New Kam Fong in terms of quality.

They also have scorpion bowls sitting behind the bar. I haven’t had one of those since maybe 1995, but now I am tempted.

Taped to the cash register is a micro-restaurant-review penned (literally, on a small piece of paper) by “Vy” and reading in part:

Hello, I am one of your clients. I give verdicts to restaurants. My name is Vy…the Orange Chicken was so juicy, it was like sucking on an apple…overall everything was perfect! [signed] Kid Client

Love that. WG’s meats are indeed juicy, from roasted duck to fried pork to orange beef to, apparently, orange chicken. Nice work, Vy, and kudos to Wong Gee for posting her note for all to see (or for leaving it where she taped it). A nice personal touch.


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