General Store Gone, But Hail (Little) Caesar

Today’s big news (h/t WaPo) is that the General Store is out of business.  Landlord trouble? YouTube trouble? Chicken shortage? Who knows for sure. Gillian and Robin didn’t do themselves too many PR favors, but I will miss their food.

Meanwhile, Patch has the story of Little Caesars’ invasion of greater DC including Wheaton, but it is a pretty generic writeup; the author avoids discussing what actually happened when he visited LC on the ides. Perhaps he is of the “if you can’t say something nice…” school.  Et tu, Rob Ciesielski? I say Romani ite domum.

UPDATE: On reflection, I think I was unfair; I have no beef with Li’l C and haven’t eaten there for years.  So I resolve to put my mouth where my blog is and actuaaly try the pizza from their Wheaton location, and then write about it.  This post was really just a product of my reflexive anti-national-chain bias, and the irresistable urge to link to Monty Python.


One response to “General Store Gone, But Hail (Little) Caesar

  1. The closing of the General Store leaves me slightly conflicted. On the one hand there is little doubt that the place was somewhat quirky. The interior, the website, the Sunday “one dish”, all seemed just a little odd. And then of course there was the well publicized incident with the videos that appeared to mock their customers. All of that has contributed to a less than sympathetic reaction to the news of the closing on some of the other blogs out there.
    Despite all this the General Store did have some charm, and it did have some talent in the kitchen. While not everything they made was excellent (I would argue that the mac n’ cheese was dry and uninspired), some of their food was very well prepared; the pastry for the turnover, the spinach side, and yes the fried chicken were all good. We must also think about the other people who worked there aside from the (in)famous head chef. On the 3 occasions that I visited I found the service friendly and relatively efficient. Those people are now no doubt looking for work elsewhere.
    In sum, while I wasn’t surprised that the GSPOT closed, I am still a little disappointed. I hope that someone is able to move into that space soon and perhaps turn it into a less controversial place to get a bite to eat.

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