Everybody Dim Sum Tonight

Finally made it to dim sum at Hollywood East in its no-longer-really-new, Westfield Wheaton Mall location.  Seems as good as ever to me, and though the space is a little more awkward, it looks great. Quality and variety of dim sum is excellent, though they sometimes run out of more popular dishes, so get there early if you want to maximize selection.  We never saw a green vegetable — on previous old-location visits we enjoyed the yu choy — though to be fair no such offering is listed in the dim sum menu, and we didn’t ask.

Biggest winners at our table were, in particular, the “bacon rolls stuffed with minced shrimp” — i.e., deep-fried bacon/shrimp balls — i.e., best dish ever — and the steamed duck/vegetable dumplings, and the roast pork rice noodle crepes. It seems like about two-thirds of all dishes involve shrimp, though I’m sure it’s not really quite so many.  Everything is at least good.  HE is totally kid-friendly, assuming the kid is reasonably adventurous; our group had two in tow and they had a great time.

Hollywood also recently revamped its website, a huge improvement, with no flash but lots of photos and online ordering. Hooray for Hollywood 2.0!  A google search for “hollywood east” lists our friendly neighborhood restaurant second, behind (inexplicably) a place called Plymouth Rock Studios.


3 responses to “Everybody Dim Sum Tonight

  1. I haven’t had dim sum there, but I’m willing to say the entree I had there a few months ago was undoubtedly some of the worst Chinese food I’ve had in years, if not ever. It’s tough to mess up General Tso’s Chicken but it was absolutely disgusting.

  2. My experience even in the old location has always been that HE’s dim sum is excellent and their dinner menu is nothing special. Also, General Tso’s is so Americanized/non-authentic that it’s one of those dishes that is only worth ordering at more Americanized restaurants, where it may be the gem of the menu. At your better Chinese restaurants like HE, NKF, Paul Kee et al., I would try for more adventurous/authentic fare. If you want the General, I’d stick with Kenny’s or Brother.

  3. I went there for dimsum a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good. We did ask for gai lan and they brought a fresh, burn-your-mouth hot batch out (with garlic, not oyster sauce) so I was happy with that. I enjoyed the steamed dumplings and the radish cake, but the fried stuff was pretty greasy and cloying. And they never brought around any wide noodle dishes, which surprised me…

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