Masala Art For Masala Art’s Sake

Everyone seems to love Tenleytown’s Masala Art. And what’s not to love?  Only the long wait for our entrees; most everything else was fantastic.

WaPo/Sietsema’s recommendation of the Chicken 65-as-Indian-Buffalo-wings was spot on, nice sweet/spice balance in the tomato-y sauce, tender chicken. We liked all the vivid sauces we encountered; our favorite was the lamb neelgiri korma, a delicious mild green cilantro-mint gravy; eggplant was also a winner though the sauce was almost too rich (and delicious).  Lots of vegetarian options here; the lassoni corn palak, a creamy spinach-corn-garlic melange, was particularly good. Spicier-than-average lamb biryani came in a classy copper pot that kept the dish hot while we savored every bite.

Relatively minor complaints: we would have liked a bit more meat in most dishes, particularly the ones involving lamb. The lamb vindaloo was make-you-sweat spicy (they confirmed when we ordered that we wanted it hot; we did, and they delivered), as it should be, but in addition to harboring only a few chunks of lamb, the sauce was too heavy on the tomato for my taste.

We loved the space: interesting photographs and paintings on the mint green stucco walls, plenty of space between most tables, conversation was easy.  Service was pretty good, very friendly and helpful, but sometimes difficult to find our server when we wanted him.  If we lived closer, we would eat at Masala Art frequently, probably focusing on appetizers and veggie dishes, and exploring the griddled tawa menu selections, which we did not try on this visit.  Given Mrs. Me’s lamb biryani obsession and my vindaloo preferences, we are more likely to continue to favor Tiffin, which excels at those particular dishes.

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