Opening Day

Baseball is back, baby; hope springs eternal. So does ballpark food — here are a few recent morsels of  in-game-eating information:

  • No more Five Guys at Nationals Park this season. Probably they are just too busy expanding to five zillion new locations elsewhere in the U.S. (
  • 5G may be exiting the park but Food Network is moving in (but not in DC). (Grub Street)
  • Spring training ballpark food rankings. Like their roster, the Nationals’ Space Coast cuisine is only average. (Spring Training Connection)
  • For the discriminating ballpark eater, the class A Savannah Sand Gnats this year will serve chicken&waffles and a s’mores panini thanks to a contest. (
  • Diamondbacks bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas is not discriminating. Hey, moths have a lot of protein, and a guy gets hungry down there in the bullpen, spitting and scratching and nowhere to go all game. (WSJ)

2 responses to “Opening Day

  1. Off topic, but, any review of Island Hut Caribbean cuisine at the original Irene’s on University? And we’re still curious about the alleged Korean fried chicken at Colors Music Studio & Cafe next to Mama Lucia’s.

  2. Colors scares me. Will definitely check out Island Hut soon, I hadn’t even realized it was there, I rarely travel that section of University. So much for Irene’s?

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