Ray’s-ing The Dead

Dead brilliant news, and only a short logical leap from Hellburgers: Michael Landrum is poised to open his newest outpost — Ray’s the Dead — in Wheaton later this year. RtD will offer Landrum’s take on Mexican soul food:* pan de muerto, fried pollo on masa waffles with jalapeño gravy, and some killer moles. Probably also grilled BRAAIINNSSSSSS!

bread for the dead!

Bread of the Dead!

“I’ve been dying to open in Wheaton for years,” said Landrum (predictably). Ray’s the Dead will live (or die?) between El Pollo Rico and the former DeJaBel Cafe, hopefully a next step in the reanimation of that stretch of Georgia.

Also expect a full bar (if they escape MoCo permit purgatory) — can’t wait to try their Bloody Mary (made with real blood?), or the obvious. I am especially looking forward to the ambient playlist, featuring BauhausOingo Boingo, The Zombies, Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Edgar Winter Group, Cranberries, Vampire Weekendthe Dead…okay, fine, I’ll stop.

Speaking of zombies, will someone please Ray’s the Safeway already?

*I really like this idea!

4 responses to “Ray’s-ing The Dead

  1. I call hijinks! (tho I really hope it’s true)

  2. Don’t toy with me like this. For one brief, hope filled moment I believed it.

  3. I would be all about a ‘dia de los muertos’ themed restaurant! Oh, if only this wasn’t a hoax.

  4. haha! I would totally eat at this restaurant…if it were someday to exist.

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