Escalation of Non-Hostility

Shock and awe: all three Wheaton Metro escalators are running this morning, the new one is bright and shiny with yellow caution markings at the front of each step.  Today will be a warm day in the DC area but it must be a cold day in hell.


2 responses to “Escalation of Non-Hostility

  1. Poor Wheaton. On April 5th, the middle escalator was out of commission. By the looks of it today, April 11, it’ll be out for quite awhile for rehabbing.

    P.S. I love your blog.

  2. Thanks BEI! Yes, the middle escalator is out until “June 2011” by which I assume they mean approximately “October 2011” — and you just know they will then move on to the third one. But at least they’re working on them…

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