Good Times At Hard Times

Returned recently to Bethesda’s Hard Times Cafe, this time to try the wings, based on recommendations following our previous visit.  We thought they were great, meaty enough to be worthwhile, spicy, and good smoky grill flavor.  Wednesday = half-priced grilled wings = great value. Chili Bubba (cornbread and chili) also a winner, though as noted last time, they still need to work on slapping certain dishes under a broiler for 30 seconds before delivering to the table, to melt cheese and raise the overall temperature. Still, good stuff. Even the salads are good. And we really appreciate the casual-but-excellent service and the lively, faux-divey atmosphere.

We also continue to appreciate Hard Times’ good beer selection: they even had Rockville-brewed Baying Hound Pale Ale for $2.75, not my favorite beer ever — it smelled strangely, strongly like mango lassi — but good enough, and I love the idea of supporting local nanobreweries. I look forward to their Wickedly Hopped Up Hound IPA, coming somday. Royal Mile (plus various non-Wheaton locations) also carries Baying Hound, btw.

One response to “Good Times At Hard Times

  1. One of the few places that has Tuppers Hop Pocket Ale on tap, decent burgers also, the 3 mini burgers substantial enough that you can get ’em rare, medium rare… flame grilling helps too… even the wings get finished on the grill.

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