Mia’s Pizzas (Bethesda)

Has Mia’s (4926 Cordell, Bethesda) really been open since 2007?  It seems like a smaller 2Amys to me, with similarly tasty pizza, better (less harried) service, well-decorated space, and equally too-loud, partly because tables are too close together. I understand they’re just trying to make a profit, but the space is extremely small and there is nothing to dampen the sound. It’s a good problem for them to have, since the reason it got so loud is that the place was packed, with several groups waiting to get in when we finished.

Positives: service was excellent, from hostess to (especially) servers.  Nice little beverage list, including Tupper’s Hop Pocket on tap, which I got and enjoyed. Good variety of pies, though Mrs. Me and I stayed in our usual pepperoni rut: it was very good, a fine crust-sauce-cheese-meat balance, though the crust could be a bit more charred and it wasn’t quite as flavorful as, say, Ella’s downtown.  Still, a big winner by Bethesda standards.

Less good: aside from too loud and no elbow room, we just weren’t wowed by the food, though it was fine; for example, arugula/pear salad was…fine.  Maybe fine is all an arugula/pear salad needs to be?  Mac’n’cheese was a nice portion for $4.95 and appropriately gooey, but kind of bland.

Overall we enjoyed dinner, and if we lived in Bethesda and especially if we had Mini-Us (also like 2Amys, Mia’s is a kid-friendly restaurant), we would go more often — but on the early side, before the place gets packed and the decibels explode.


2 responses to “Mia’s Pizzas (Bethesda)

  1. Mia’s seems like a go-to kind of joint when the weather is lovely. Their front patio doubles their space and looks pretty cool. Will we ever have nice weather again? I hope so!

  2. Mrs. Me – you’re right! I went to Mia’s last night (on a LivingSocial & a recommendation from a friend) and sat outside and it was lovely. Wednesday nights are 1/2 price wine bottle night, would’ve loved to partake, but I was driving! The meatball pizza was very very good. Service was excellent. One negative: the focaccia appetizer left a lot to be desired (it was bread and EVOO/balsamic/parmesan). I would definitely go back!

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