Wednesday Linky

I’m sure I would not have missed the fact that we are smack in the middle of Thai Restaurant Week, sponsored by the Thai Embassy in DC, if only any of Wheaton’s Thai restaurants were participating. Still, the Songkran Festival this Sunday at Wat Thai Temple in Silver Spring could be worth a visit (h/t DCist).

In other news:

  • Patch reviewed Wheaton’s newest restaurant, Island Hut Caribbean Cuisine, on University in the former Irene’s Pupusas space next to Dusit Thai.  Irene’s has been gone for a few months (Irene’s III is still going strong around the corner on Georgia) and I hadn’t noticed until a couple weeks ago — I don’t travel that block of University very often.  But Island Hut is on my list — that’s right, I’m coming for you, jerk chicken. I love that their website is on WordPress.  Normally I am philosophically opposed to any establishment where “Hut” is not immediately preceded by “Pizza” (or “Jabba” if we’re talking about “Hutts”) but I look forward to making an exception here.
  • More from Patch, on local restaurant-food truck tensions and why that @&@#%! Safeway is still standing.
  • And there’s more: Patch also reviewed longtime Wheaton fave Max’s Kosher Cafe last week.  Patch has become an excellent source for Wheaton news (food and otherwise); if you live around here it is worth scanning daily. One suggestion, Patchies: when you review a restaurant, please link to its website.
  • Someone asked the Washingtonian’s Todd Kliman yesterday about good Indian in Wheaton/Silver Spring. Of course there is no Indian food in Wheaton, good or otherwise. Kliman said avoid Bombay Gaylord in Silver Spring but try Bombay in White Oak (which has also been suggested by commenters here; I haven’t eaten there); he also said Ghar-E-Kebab has declined. Not sure why he didn’t mention Tiffin, which is consistently excellent.
  • Kliman also notes Wheaton’s Nava Thai remains hot! (this appeared in the magazine several weeks ago but is finally online)
  • I have been wondering how restaurants can possibly be making money by discounting via Groupon and the like, and now the NYT has the answer: many of them aren’t, but they look at it as a marketing cost. Wonder what the discount landscape will look like in a few years…

3 responses to “Wednesday Linky

  1. Oh yes, I can attest, Bombay in White Oak is top notch. Someone I know commented on their slow service, which I’ve NEVER encountered. The food is excellent, well-priced, and service is quite good.

  2. Thanks for the kind words – we’re definitely got a lot of food news going on right now – although we’ll pulled it back a bit from formal reviews.

    You’re right about the website linkage. I’m working to get the site’s directory up to speed with all the new restaurants opening up – I hadn’t seen the Island Hut’s site – I think “Gloria’s” in the URL threw me off – adding that now.

    Thanks again – love the blog and your food adventures.

  3. Thanks BEI, I will get to Bombay someday. Too much food and not enough lunchtime.

    And thanks Taylor, keep up the great local coverage.

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