Maryland Alcohol Legislation Wrap-up

Governor O’Malley signed boatloads of bills on Tuesday but the wine shipping bill (HB 1175) and the alcohol tax-hike bill (SB 994) don’t seem to be on the list (click on the April 12, 2011 link). I haven’t heard anything about the gov not planning to sign those two — maybe he has a double secret ceremony set for this week.

To recap, the wine bill allows Maryland wineries and out-of-state wineries to ship direct to us Marylanders — but third party wine discounters like Wine Spies (NYT has more on the phenomenon, h/t Steve) are still barred. Baby steps. And whatever wine (and any other booze) you buy, you will pay 9% tax instead of 6%, first raise in many moons.  Lots more context on these bills from the Gazette.

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