Thomas Market

I somehow missed Thomas Market (2650 University, near Viers Mill) when I wrote up Wheaton’s bodegas last summer (Part I and Part II).  From the outside, Thomas is nondescript, unassuming, and I confess that even after someone left a comment recommending Thomas, it still never captured my attention.

Finally last week I got there, and it was worth the visit. Though one of the smallest of Wheaton’s markets, Thomas has been in business since 1965 so they must be doing something right. Indeed, their collection of Middle Eastern food, broadly construed to include not only Greek and Turkish but also Armenian, Persian, and Italian, is very good, lots of interesting fresh nuts and legumes and spices from banal to exotic, and mostly at rock bottom prices.  They have the assortment of Middle Eastern dried and canned goods you would expect, plus a well-appointed freezer holding phyllo, spanikopita, sausages, etc.

The place is so small that there isn’t much room for fresh/prepared foods, but they do have some, and about half the deli counter is given to six varieties of fresh feta cheese (Greek, Bulgarian, French, American), plus olives and a few meats and cheeses. If you’re hosting a feta tasting anytime soon, this is the place to go. Looks supertasty.

I will also note that they have for sale a small but colorfully eye-catching assortment of hookahs and hookah accessories.  In case you want to liven up that feta tasting.  As though feta alone weren’t enough!


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