Merlindian Cuisine

Metro Center is not ground zero for weekday food trucks but one of my moles went traipsing off to McPherson Square today for Fojol Bros. chow and was nice enough to bring me some.  I’d been wanting to try Fojol food for a while, and was pleased it met expectations: tender chicken; curry had a nice moderate heat (but a little too much something in the flavor profile, cardamom maybe?); butter chicken was rich and above average by Indian lunch buffet standards.  I wouldn’t compare the meal to a nice sit-down Indian restaurant.  And for $7 the portions are large and filling.  Normally Fojol have a 15 minutes line or so, but today thanks to winter’s last gasp plus the Goodness of Friday my mole reported waiting only a few minutes.

Wish the Bros. would come near Metro Center more often.  Come a little closer, said the spider to the fly…


One response to “Merlindian Cuisine

  1. There is actually a good amount of food trucks around Metro Center on a daily basis.

    Follow here.

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