El Hung Phat Pollo Kiki Riki

The newly published May 2011 Washingtonian notes several Wheaton establishments in its “Where To Find Great Food” article (not yet online!), focusing more on groceries, butchers, bakeries and the like than restaurants. The awesomely named Hung Phat (11315 Fern) is the magazine’s great Vietnamese market (HP also has lots of Thai and Chinese items). Excellent, claustrophic little bodega, glad to see it get some major press, with a big photo too.

The article does not totally ignore restaurants, and it rates as the top regional Peruvian roasted chicken not El Pollo Rico (2517 University) — which it says is “very good” yet also “unremarkable” — but El Pollo Kiki Riki (2533 Ennalls), Korean-owned and just down the stripmall from El Pollo Rico’s former pre-conflagration location. It says Kiki Riki wins for its “juicy meat” and “cedar-like smokiness.” I have never eaten at Kiki Riki, now I have to move it up my list of places to try. Apparently I am a little behind, given this 2009 Chowhound rave. Maybe a best-of-the-best chicken taste test versus Island Hut is in order.

The story has lots of good ideas for food sourcing in other neighborhoods as well.


2 responses to “El Hung Phat Pollo Kiki Riki

  1. We went to Kiki Riki after the raid/fire at Pollo Rico. It was a decent temporary substitute but we’re back on the EPR bandwagon. In fact, had it last night and it was one of those times that they got it right all the way around. Not always the case, but still our go to place for Peruvian chicken. Would be interesting to do a side by side taste test though.

  2. Thanks Jim. So many options! Just Up the Pike did a broad taste test last year. I’d like to do a more targeted one with the two mentioned above plus Island Hut. It will happen, eventually…

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