Smell The Umami

I enjoyed Tuesday’s article in the Post on how smell informs flavor as much as, or more than, taste does. Jalapeños do rock, I don’t need chocolate (but Mrs. Me does!), and I am much pickier about texture than I am about taste.

I don’t buy the theory that “we are predisposed to like flavors of foods our mothers ate while pregnant.”  I know my mom pretty well and I doubt she was eating jalapeños, refried beans, vindaloo, samosas, Thai curries, and that sort of thing while I was on the way.

The article did not discuss supertasters — people who experience flavors more intensely than most of us — and while I am not a supertaster, I am fascinated by the concept.  Plus it is an excuse to link to They Might Be Giants performing John Lee Supertaster.


One response to “Smell The Umami

  1. Little OT here, but just a note to say Tom Seitsema gave Island Hut a shout out in his chat today. Seems he enjoyed it very much.

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