Indique (Cleveland Park)

We hadn’t been to Indique (5312 Connecticut) for years and got the same table as before, upstairs. I remember it being excellent before and the cooking hasn’t suffered over the years, overall we enjoyed dinner very much. Aloo tikki (potato cakes) appetizer, with chickpeas in sauce, was tasty; shrimp varuval was okay but some flavor I couldn’t identify didn’t appeal to me, and the dish didn’t get 100% eaten, which is a rarity for us. Vindaloo is fantastic, very hot (sweat + nose like a faucet = good signs) but not to the point of overwhelming the flavors, best I’ve had. Lamb is supertender in both the vindaloo and the biryani, which Mrs. Me loved; the texture and flavor of the biryani is a bit different than at Tiffin, and I think I prefer the latter, but Mrs. Me seems to have voted for the Indique version (perhaps she will chime in).  Dining companions’ lamb rogan josh disappeared quickly, but shrimp/scallop masala met a less thorough fate.  Our small sample size indicates best to stick with lamb over seafood at Indique.  Breads are okay, and the soupy, buttery, rich dal makhani was a highlight, must-order side dish.

One response to “Indique (Cleveland Park)

  1. I have never been to Indique but Cafe of India just past the DC/MD line in Chevy Chase is wonderful. I love the cracklin’ spinach, samosas, tandoori chicken, shrimp biryani, variety of breads (naan and kulcha), etc. Honestly this place is great. Definitely worth a try!

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