Lazy Wheaton Tuesday

Too humid for early May. But not lazy at Ren’s Ramen (11403 Amherst) this morning, lots of activity including erecting a new awning and lots of stuff happening indoors I couldn’t quite see.  Must be close to opening.

Meanwhile, Asian  Foods (2301 University, near Max’s) has a “Closed Temporary” sign in the door and the interior is totally cleared out aside from the shelves. Remodel?

Also, El Boqueron (2311 Price) changed its name to La Rumba a couple of months ago as part of a recent ownership change — I’ll say more about the food there soon. Could be a good Cinco de Mayo spot, especially if you like pupusas.


4 responses to “Lazy Wheaton Tuesday

  1. Pretty sure Asian Foods is gone for good. I go to the pho place nearby at least once a week and that “Closed temporary” sign has been up for months. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw a Space for Lease sign up there last week.

  2. eatinwheaton

    Bummer! Thanks for the info. Maybe “temporary” was wishful thinking. I guess we will find out when something eventually appears there. Asian Foods and Hung Phat have a lot of the same products, so there’s still a place to buy Chinese sausage, frozen beef blood, not to mention a source in times of lime emergencies…

  3. I wouldn’t be unhappy if an Indian joint were to move into the Asian Foods space, that’s for sure.

  4. eatinwheaton

    Agreed, Indian would be awesome, that’s Wheaton’s missing internationl food link! Good upscale-fast burger place like BGR, 5G, etc. would be my #2 choice — I know Elevation is coming to the mall soon and that’s great but less convenient for me personally. May not be food at all of course. As long as it isn’t more spit-roasted chicken…

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