Food Trucks: Sauca

Okay, fine, I stand corrected: food trucks do frequent Metro Center these days.  Today I strolled (nice weather!) over to 12th and G, bypassing Eat Wonky, where I would have ordered a dog and poutine but they still weren’t open at 11:45 (fail), and instead ordering a pork banh mi from Sauca. Their slogan is “eat the world,” and indeed they offer a diverse array of dishes, but it turns out the banh mi itself is multicultural, too much so.  It isn’t really trying to be a traditional banh mi, there is no Vietnamese roll, you instead get a choice of rice or naan. So far so good, the naan is fine. Pickled onions and carrots are chunky but less tangy than I had hoped; more spice would be nice; there was plenty of pork but a third of it was fat. Even so, the ingredients themselves were good, and might have meshed well enough except that the whole thing was drenched in cloyingly too-sweet barbecue sauce.  The menu says it should have been a “peanut and Thai coconut” sauce…not even close. I like the idea of a sort of Indian-meets-Vietnamese sandwich, but maybe with curry sauce (or the advertised peanut-coconut sauce — not too sweet though!)  instead of barbecue sauce.  Something sharp and acidic to cut the fatty pork.  Or else just stick with Vietnamese, one culture per dish?  I had to go suck a lime* for dessert to recalibrate my palate. I’ll give Sauca another shot someday but will for sure order differently.

* “Go suck a lime” is not an insult, to me, or a penance of any kind. Lemons too. Lucky for me I keep limes on hand at all times for just this kind of emergency.


One response to “Food Trucks: Sauca

  1. You WANT to go back to Sauca. And you WANT to order the Mumbai Butter Chicken. Two officemates also recommend the Polpette (meatballs!) and the Beef Schwarma.

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