Taste of Wheaton Within Sniffing Distance

Just four days away! This Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM in the Wheaton Triangle, specifically. But I think it is really strange that the organizers have not released a list of participating restaurants.  Am I missing something? The entertainment is enumerated (Rocknoceros woooo!), why not the eatin’??

Even the Gazette apparently has not pried the list out of them. But they do have a nice article today about the owners of the new and awesome Island Hut — wonder if Gloria and family will have a stall selling Caribbean bites on Sunday?  If they do — and I hope they do — you will know it by the long long line.  And it will be worth the wait.

5 responses to “Taste of Wheaton Within Sniffing Distance

  1. Yes, finally (thanks), but I think all the ones on that list participated last year, not sure about Hollywood but the others did. Surely there will be some new blood? How can I plan my day if I don’t know who to prioritize!?

  2. Event program is up my friend. You may not be pleased (didn’t see Island Hut)…16 restaurants…

  3. VERY disappointing list of restaurants. When we came to the Tastes in 2003-2006, they were great and had a huge mix of foods with almost 30 restaurants. The Taste is still great fun, but the County/community seems unable to get restaurants to come or maybe the restaurants don’t care about a community event anymore. I don’t know what’s changed, but in the old days, restaurants would come just to make a name. Now we have a grand total of 11 non-chain restaurants. For my part, I am going to frequent any decent places out of these 11 more frequently than similar places that don’t bother to come.

  4. Thanks Jason, I agree the list is too chain-y. And I think you’re right, in the old days it was a way to make a name, and now a bunch of Wheaton spots are well-known regionally (the various Thai and Chinese places in particular), and since none of the restaurants except maybe Starbucks is making a profit at the Taste, the better-known ones are sitting it out (Hollywood East is a prominent exception, good for them). But I also agree that the ones that continue to participate deserve our continued business to reward them for their participation in what is supposed to be (as you say) a community event, not a money-maker.

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