Recent Good Eatin’

Not at Shake Shack, but starting today I could eat at Shake Shack (1216 18th Street/Dupont Circle) and that makes me happy.  Not as happy as I will be when I actually, inevitably eat there, but still.   Recent visits:

  • Nava Thai:  kaprow! duck! kaprow!  Crispy pork with Chinese broccoli was neither crispy nor particularly plentiful.  The duck appetizer and duck kaprow were as good as ever.  Kaprow!
  • Ella’s Pizza: I don’t go here as much as I used to but the pizza is still among the best in DC. I always get pepperoni but it’s all good. Superb happy hour deal too ($5 small pizzas at the bar).
  • California Tortilla: Big national chain of course, but I don’t think I had ever eaten there. Surprisingly decent, flaky/spicy fish taco with zippy sauce.  Mrs. Me’s carnitas burrito disappeared too quickly for me to taste. Superspeedy service.

3 responses to “Recent Good Eatin’

  1. CalTor is not a big national chain – perhaps it’s a midsize local chain? The first one opened in Bethesda in 1995, and almost all the locations are still in the DC metro area.

  2. Thanks, fair enough. The place *feels* like a national chain, which I guess isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it caused me to lower my expectations, which worked in their favor. But that’s just me.

  3. I ate at CalTor on Colesville once – it sucked!

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