Good Limerick, Bad Limerick

Not that I of all people should complain about bad puns. The Gazette’s “More Than Meats The Eye” headline atop yesterday’s review of Limerick Pub didn’t really do it for me though.  And the opening limerick is well-intentioned but terrible: I like “meat in” and “Wheaton” but those don’t rhyme with “vegan” and the meter is just wrong.  I’m not sure the “greasy fries” are necessarily incompatible with “vegan” — depends on the oil, I suppose, which is undisclosed in the article.  And most of the menu is clearly not vegetarian, much less vegan, aside from the “vegan meatloaf” and a couple of salads or sides.  It is good to know they have veggie or vegan options, for those who want such things.

/pedantic rant

Anyway, a mixed but overall positive review. I’m glad to see LP get Gazetted, though the review is kind of odd, beyond what’s noted above, also implying the chef is a vegetarian but then never returning to the subject.  Would have been interesting to know more about that.


One response to “Good Limerick, Bad Limerick

  1. I agree that it’s a very odd review. I’ve also thought that the Gazette’s restaurant reviews were kind of amateurish, but I think this might be a new low. Still, I agree that it’s good for the Limerick to get some publicity.

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