Arugula! Arugula!


My occasional attempts to grow vegetables and spices, over the years, have nearly always failed, usually quickly, in part due to inattention and underwatering and in part because I think plants are genetically predisposed to fear me and wither as soon as my back is turned. Unusually, last summer’s banana peppers grew like the national debt, but they weren’t the highest quality.  So what to make of the arugula bonanza out back? Maybe I am the Arugula Whisperer?  More likely arugula is easy to grow and impossible to kill.  That’s okay, I’ll take it. It has that fresh, peppery snap that arugula is supposed to have, and maybe it only tastes like the best arugula ever because I am fooling myself, but it is pretty sweet to take a bunch from the garden and be eating it in a salad a few minutes later.  Do people who garden all the time feel that way all the time?  Happy. And amazed the feral bunnies (one of whom spent much of last fall huddled inside the tangled nasty mass of our failed tomato plants) haven’t hit our buffet yet. Although I saw a baby bunny scamper into the hostas across the yard this morning, so maybe they are just discovering this year’s crops.


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