Nest Revisited

I loved Nest on my first visit in 2009 (previous review here) but hadn’t been back until now, it is so nice to sit on their front patio in nice weather on a less-traveled section of Bethesda Avenue. We ordered completely different dishes this time. Good drink list, especially beers on tap — I enjoyed my Dale’s Pale Ale. Mrs. Me went against type with a “Spiked Arnold Palmer” and liked that too.

Crab and queso dip seemed too runny at first but some stirring revealed a fine balance of fresh lump crab and gooey cheese, well done. Fried pita triangles were a nice vehicle I thought, but Mrs. Me thought they were a little greasy and heavy — she’s right, but I never let that kind of thing stop me.  Thin-crust pizzas are above-average though not quite Ella’s/Paradiso quality, could maybe be baked a bit hotter or longer. I tried the soft-shell crab special and it was only okay, nicely presented atop rice, corn and watermelon (pretty colors) and the flavors were good, nothing really wrong with it, the batter was a little soft maybe, and I suppose it is a bit early for crab season out here.  Overall, Nest is an excellent neighborhood bistro (with good happy hour specials, too) that appears to be attracting lots of diners, and I’m happy for their success, they are above average by Bethesda standards for ambience, quality, and even value. Quality website too.


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