Ren’s Ramen Will Open This Wednesday

June 1, starting at 11:30 AM for lunch.   Almost exactly nine months after closing their former Bethesda location.  Can’t wait to try the new Ren’s (11403 Amherst).  And soon we won’t have to wait!

Other notes from today’s traipse around Wheaton:

  • Horrid and paltry lime selection at H Mart, four for a dollar and tiny nasty brown fruit, looked more like walnuts than limes.  Hung Phat’s limes look great but aren’t that juicy (3/$1).   Maybe just a brief setback…
  • Next door to Ren, Ruan’s expansion is complete, the new space has been open nearly two weeks and looks fantastic, though they need to put some art on the walls.  They have at least tripled the available seating.  Food seems as good as ever — more on that in a couple of days. Kaprow!
  • An out-of-town visitor said he thinks he has never had a pupusa — Wheaton is of course a fine place to remedy that.  I first told him there must be at least 9 or 10 pupusa sources in Wheaton, and then I proceeded to count six places just on the single block of Elkin between University and Price. So many pupusas, so little time.

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