Recent Returns: Gloria’s Island Hut

A few days after hitting the big time in the WaPo’s Wednesday food section “First Bite” column, the effects of publicity had already hit the Island Hut (2408 University): they were out of sorrel before 7 PM the night we visited.  Sorrel is a “cinnamon [and] ginger” beverage made fresh each morning and recommended by Sietsema in his Bite column.  Clear evidence people are paying attention, Tom!  So I still haven’t tried sorrel.

Just like last time, we ordered jerk chicken and goat curry, both as good as last time except the white meat chicken was dry, I will stick with dark meat in the future. The jerk spices are what make the dish though, and the kitchen has that stuff down.  Love the curry and the accompanying rice and “peas” (aka kidney beans, more or less), a very nice flavor and texture combination.  We also tried the shrimp curry this time, and liked it also, a different curry blend than the goat but just as tasty.

The Hut has added three two-top tables down the center of their tiny dining area, but it still isn’t really a relaxing enviroment, and there’s almost no space to move around (or for the inevitable lines to form). Depending on who is behind the counter, service can be a little spotty (read: friendly but inefficient).  Doubt I’ll eat-in anytime soon (maybe I will if they get a beer license next year), but it’s a great addition to Wheaton’s take-out scene.  Next time I will call ahead to reserve some sorrel, which I am not sure I will like but am excited to try.


2 responses to “Recent Returns: Gloria’s Island Hut

  1. Maybe the “friendly but inefficient” service is all part of making you feel like you’re in the Caribbean on island time.

  2. Touche!

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