Lazy Wheaton Friday

Ren’s Ramen is indeed open, and tasty — more on that in a few days.

Jenny Caesar Something Mi Tierra

Over on Ennalls, in the strip next to Little Caesars off Viers Mill, Asi Es Mi Tierra is also open and serving a full menu of Peruvian-centric (lots of papas) but broadly Latino food, mostly in the $8-$13 entree range, not a big place but several tables; will look forward to trying that.  Glad it’s not just roasted chicken.

On the other side of Little Caesars we have another new restaurant, Jenny Express Chinese, featuring burgers and subs in addition to Chinese food, with one table and a few stools, very much a takeout joint. Looks like Jenny is in the same market niche as Kenny.  I’m less likely to try Jenny’s anytime soon, but there it is.

Wheaton Patch has a nice article on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Elbe’s Beer and Wine, tracing the history of Elbe’s and its place in the changing community.

I liked the article in this week’s Gazette on Silver Spring’s proliferation of Ethiopian restaurants. Can all six succeed?  I’d like to try a couple, if I can figure out which are likely to be best.  I wish Wheaton’s Dessie Ethiopian was better (it isn’t bad if you emphasize vegetarian items).


One response to “Lazy Wheaton Friday

  1. Jenny Express has outstanding Chinese Food. Their recipe is a bit different than normal Chinese food in the DC region. They are from NYC. The food is awesome!

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